The Receiver of the Common Treasure

Tasto - Copia - Copia Grand Prieurè Melitense ARON TOUITOU 1875 Tasto - Copia - Copia
H.E  DAVID ARON TOUITOU, Count of Saint John
Tasto - Copia - Copia The Receiver of the Common Treasure, directs the administration of the finances and the property of the Order in coordination with the Grand Chancellor, under the authority of the Governor General and the surveillance of the Board of Auditors. He is responsible for drawing up the annual accounts, relating to the economic and financial state of the Order, submitting them to the Board of Auditors and to the Governor General with the advice of the Sovereign Council, for approval. Also with the advice of the Sovereign Council, he submits to the Governor General for approval the acceptance of inheritances, bequests and donations, and the disposal and subsequent reinvestment of the goods of the Order. He manages and supervises the Magistral Postal Service and, through the Secretary General , the internal services of the Magistral household, the Personnel Office of the Grand Magistry, the Office of Technical Services and the superintendence of the Magistral Palace and related buildings. With the mandate of the Governor General, the Receiver also supervises the administration of the organisations and works of the Order. He is the counter-signatory for acts of disposal or assignment and contracts which involve the property of the Grand Magistry and the Priories. Tasto - Copia - Copia